The following forms are available on-line as Adobe Acrobat files. You can view and print any of the highlighted forms if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed as a plug-in for your browser. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free, and versions are available for a variety of operating systems. To obtain Acrobat Reader from the Adobe web site, click here.

Team Registration Form
  • TeamRegistrationForm
    To Be Completed by All Team Members, Part-Time or Full-Time
  • Medical Form
    Required for All Team Members
  • Pilgrim Application Form 2018
    Pilgrim Application Form 2018 Must Also Get Sponsor Form
  • Sponsors Form 2018
    Sponsors Form - Must be attached to Pilgrim Registration Form
  • Medical Form 2018
    Medical Form (Team and Pilgrims)
  • Volunteer Information Form 2018
    Return to Let Mid-Michigan Emmaus Know you Want to Serve
  • Pilgrim Registration with Sponsor Form
    Sponsor fills sponsor form, gives Pilgrim Reg only to Pilgrim, retrieves, sends BOTH
  • Volunteer Information Form
    Volunteer to serve on teams or for other community service.
  • 2018 Emmaus Expense Form - Adobe
    Submit with expenses (hand fill out version)
  • 2018 Expense Form Excel Computer Fillable
    Expense form to fill out on computer
  • Instructions to Update Your Contact Info in the MME database
    Instructions to Update Your Contact Info in the MME database