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Mid-Michigan Emmaus Board
2019 MidMichigan Emmaus Board Information

Bob McCormick;
Community Lay Director 
Wendy Orzel Gatherings, 4th Day
Bruce Pynnonen Treasurer
Dennis Kundinger
Kitchen Supplies
Wendy Orzel

Pati Weingartz Agape
T Wiegerink; 
Cathy Kelley
 76-hour Prayer Vigil

Mary Wheeler  Community Training/Newsletter
Pati Weingartz  Board Secretary
Board Shared Position

 Trailer and Supplies
Dave Stewart
Donna Clark

 Training Assistant
Wendy Orzel

 Candlelight/Apostolic Hour
Pastor David Stewart   Community Spiritual Director** 
Trisha Wiegerink
 Assisting Book Table/Literature
Open Position

Bob McCormick   Team Selection

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