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If you have a question or comment for the board, please send us an email to one of the email addresses listed below. To contact a board member directly, please search the name in our Emmaus database.

Mid-Michigan Emmaus Board
Greg Kelley Community Lay Director [email protected]
Bob McCormick Past Community Lay Director [email protected]
Pastor Michele Forsyth Community Spiritual Director
Teri Beadle CSD Vice Chair
Dave Warner CLD Vice Chair
Matt Pollard Board Treasurer
Teresa Camilleri Board Secretary/Historian
Teresa Camilleri 2024 Spring Lay Director Women's Weekend
Bruce Pynnonen 2024 Spring Lay Director Men's Weekend
Kris Middaugh 76-hour Prayer Vigil
Tammy Geeck Agape [email protected]
Donna Clark Community Training/Sponsorship
Jill Pollard Gatherings
Jerry Mumford Kitchen and Table Decoration supplies
Teri Beadle Literature/Reunion Groups
Dale Robbins Music/ Entertainment
Dave Warner Newsletter/Website
Sue Montei Registrar
Ty Black Site Selection/Facilities/Setup-Cleanup Crews
Tabitha Reinhardt Sponsor Hour/ Candlelight
Carla Long Team Selection/Database

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